Aged 19 or over

Motorcycle Training 19 year olds or over.
If you are 19 or over and hold a provisional bike license or full car license you will need to rrts33complete a CBT Course.

Read more about our CBT course by Clicking here.

Category A2 – minimum age 19

  • motorcycles with a power output not exceeding 35 kW.

Progressive access is a process that allows a rider to take a higher-category practical test if they already have at least two years’ experience on a lower-category motorcycle. For example, if you have held a category A2 licence for a minimum of two years, you can take the category A practical test at age 21. There is no requirement to take another theory test.

If you want to learn to ride motorcycles larger than 125 cc and with a power output over 11 kW, you MUST meet the minimum age requirements, satisfactorily complete a CBT course and be accompanied by an approved instructor on another motorcycle in radio contact.